Let me introduce you to eMerge Genetics™. eMerge Genetics™ is the new brand name of Schillinger non-GMO Seed Genetics, a name that’s creating new opportunities for growers and end users to work directly with one another. The end users are savvy international and domestic buyers who know the genetics they want. They are looking for farmers to grow non-GMO soybean varieties that fit their customers. The timing is perfect. With most soybean brands, the only thing seed companies today have to offer growers is last year’s yield results and this year’s prices. For too long - soybeans, from the seed in the field to the grain delivered to the elevator, have been treated like a commodity. In a commodity market, the only people who win are the low-cost producers. eMerge Genetics™ is changing that. From our lineup of 100% non-GMO soybean varieties to our research focus on high-demand “output” traits like high-protein, healthier oils and better taste to our commitment to helping growers and end users connect with each other through our eMerge™ Marketplace, eMerge Genetics™ is creating new opportunities for growers, end users and everyone in between. Take a close look at eMerge™. We think you will find that our varieties will stack up favorably against any others in the field – both GMO and non-GMO. And, when you get to the bottom line, that’s where you will see the biggest benefit. In the 2003 Schillinger Seed Guide, I wrote: “Schillinger Seed is dedicated to helping the best farmers in the world reap better profits for their efforts…We are the alternative company.” We still are. And, I think you will like having an alternative. John Schillinger President