The eMerge story is a different one than what you've heard from the seed industry before. It's not about world domination. It's not about living up to Wall Street expectations. It's not about buying market share.

So, what is it about?

It's about a growing demand for non-GMO products.
Today's largest seed companies are all focused on GMO crops. But demand for non-GMO grain from consumers and food companies continues to grow both overseas and domestically. We've made it our mission to bring those who demand non-GMO grain together with those who grow it.

It's about focusing on seed "output" traits just as much as "production" traits.
It's easy to get caught up in focusing on production traits like pest, drought and chemical resistance. But it's also important to listen to the people who ultimately buy your grain. We've made it our mission to listen to those end users and develop seed that best matches their demands for things like higher protein and healthier oils.

It's about getting away from the commodity model of agriculture.
In a commodity market, it's the low-cost producers who win. We think there are better ways to make money in agriculture. We develop soybeans with traits that are in higher demand from food companies and other end users. Higher demand means higher premiums for your crop.

It's about growing products that deliver more value to our food chain.
The food chain starts in your field. When educated consumers demand healthier food, it's our job to make sure our seed can help you meet those demands in the field. We're developing soybean varieties with traits that consumers are demanding for healthier lifestyles - soybeans with higher protein levels, lower fat and better taste.

It's about developing leading genetics, proven performance and high yields.
We produce some of the highest yielding soybean varieties in the field. In fact, we'll put our seed performance up against anyone in the field - GMO or non-GMO. We've spent years breeding varieties with growth characteristics, disease resistance and other qualities that make them proven performers not just regionally, but all over the United States.

It's about people who have the history, experience and reputation in the industry that you can rely on and trust.
We've been in the business of agriculture for a long time. Our founder, John Schillinger has been a leader in the industry for decades. Bill Rhodes has been one of the most successful soybean developers in the industry for more than two decades. And we continue to develop a team of industry leaders who aren't afraid of changing the way the game is played in agriculture.

It's about being good stewards of our land.
For those of us in agriculture, it's part of our duty to make sure our land can continue to help feed the world. We share many farmers' concerns about the long-term affects of glyphosate products being applied to fields year after year. Our non-GMO soybean varieties feature traits and offer options that we think are best for soybean production in the long term.

It's about bringing both the demand and supply marketplaces together.
Our goal is to provide the tools to make it easy for people to connect and find markets for their crop and crop for their markets. We think this is a new way of doing business in the seed industry - and an opportunity to open markets that you may not have even known about.

Because the bottom line is, when you control the seeds you plant, the technology you use, the land you farm, the markets you supply and the partners you choose … you control the one thing that will keep you farming … your bottom line.